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There’s a time and place for everything

and I believe it’s called ‘fan-fiction’.

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Fic Master List


Not An Option - R
Brittany isn’t graduating. And, for some reason, Brittany hasn’t seen fit to even mention this until right fucking now.

Prove It - NC-17 Brittany has this thing, whenever she makes eye contact with a dude she knows has made time with Santana, this painfully cute little jealous thing.

(Can't Take) The Distance - NC-17
It’s weird, living where Brittany does not, and she thinks sometimes—at night, mostly—that she hates it.

Helping Hands - NC-17
Surprising Santana is one of her favorite things to do, and when Santana is already doing something like this…all the more so.

(It's) All Chair Parts - NC-17
The whole point of the performance is to look hot as hell, and Santana is doing an awesome job. Too awesome.

The Milkman - NC-17
Santana Lopez is a good, strong, hard-working woman--but even good, strong, hard-working women have their weaknesses.

(ABC) Come On, Let Me Love You Just A Little Bit - NC-17
It all starts with the tug of a zipper.

I Like The Animal Way You Move - Hard R
Sometimes, when you’ve finished singing with the enemy, you just really need to have sex with your girlfriend. In thoroughly inappropriate locations.

Off The Hook - PG
Post Glee-ver fix-it fic, in which Santana isn't letting Brittany off that easily.

Brittana Week
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

Super - PG
There's something about superheroes that just gets to her, from the very start.

I Feel You Touch Me In The Pouring Rain - PG
That's just how it is, when you're with a girl who runs in the rain.

I (Won’t) Believe That It’s Over - PG
It's nice, but it's not their house. Not in the least.

Showing You - R
Santana always expected she’d do it first.

Rest Assured (That All My Love's For You) - PG
She remembers the very first time like it’s today.

Pink And Green - R
Nine moments when Brittany Pierce looks at Santana Lopez and just knows she’s holding on to something special.
Part 1 | Part 2

Notes - PG-13
It's senior year, and Santana Lopez has one hell of a bizarre new locker partner.
Part 1 | Part 2

We Can Burn Brighter (Than The Sun) - NC-17
This dance is going to win them Sectionals—if Santana can ever get the stupid steps down.

Just Drive Through The Night (‘Til We Find Some Kind Of Home) - PG
That conversation didn't go remotely the way she'd expected.

Who Would You Rather Be: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? - NC-17
Being a rock star is a goddamn life choice.

Isn't She Lovely - PG
There are plenty of baby people in this world. Santana just isn't one of them.

We'll Be The Last Ones (Standing Up Strong) - PG
People die in stories all the time, and for the life of her, Santana cannot make Brittany stop comparing her to them.

It's That Sinkin' Feeling Of Being Alone - R
Sinking in loneliness isn’t working for either of them. Puck figures it's time to learn to swim.

If I Could Make These Moments Endless - PG
When she can’t sleep, there is Brittany.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend - PG-13
A version of this prompt, though largely altered: post Brittana (or maybe they never quite happened, your call). Santana and Dave cross paths in a hotel bar whilst on a business trip. They reminisce about their days at McKinley, and they end up having dinner together. They’ve both mellowed and Dave is comfortable with himself now, but Santana’s still doing what she does best, pretending everything is fine…

Forget About The World Outside Our Windowpane - R
For this prompt: "Santana comes home really late due to a flight delayed, after spending a week in some sort of work travel, to find Brittany (only in her underwear) asleep after hours waiting for her to come back. She wakes her up and promises to make up for the waiting. Brittany already has some ideas in mind."

I Watched You Sleepin' (Quietly In My Bed) - PG
She sleeps in her sneakers now.

When Soul Meets Body - PG-13
No matter who or where they are, they will always need each other. That’s just the way soulmates work.
Part 1 | Part 2

Steps - PG-13
They say in difficult situations, there are always five steps.

Shattered Bubbles - PG-13
Somehow, even after all of that, it feels like it’s over.

Talk To Me, Dance With Me - G
Since the very beginning, she has been asking Santana to do the same thing.

Compare Where You Are To Where You Wanna Be (And You'll Get Nowhere) - PG-13
Turns out, some girls take some serious getting used to. It’s not her fault she’s rooming with a lunatic.

Truth Be Told, I’m Just Lying To You - PG
She’s so much better than all of them—

The Trouble With Love Is - PG
A series of musical ficlets spanning the second half of season 2 (through Rumors).

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - R
When she sleeps, she dreams. When she dreams, she has everything.

Everyone Wants Something (I'm Wanted By Everyone But You) - PG
She will do anything—absolutely anything—for that girl.

The Place We Used To Call Our Home (Can't Be Found When We're Alone) - PG
Brittany is scared of everything. Including the new girl in class.

Handling The Seasons Of My Life - PG
She did exactly what all the movies said. It just didn’t seem to matter.

Twisting And Turning (In A Space That's Too Small) - PG-13
They're not together; it should be easy to make it official.

Summer Lovin' (Had Me A Blast) - NC-17
A fill for this prompt: http://community.livejournal.com/glee_kink_meme/3381.html?thread=8598069.

Define "Counseling" - NC-17
Marriage counseling wasn't her first choice...

Is She Trouble (Like I'm Trouble) - R
Somehow, Lima never seems to see her coming.

Hope I Start Talkin' Crazy Before You Understand Me - PG
Santana doesn’t exactly get Brittany sometimes.

So Destined I Am To Walk Among The Dark - R
This is not a TV show. But if it were? Santana would be anything but the hero.

I Need You To Know I Will (Believe Me, Girl, I'm So Tired Of Runnin') - R
A triad of music-borne snapshots.

I'm One Step Away (From Crashing To My Knees) - PG
Not every first is a thing of fairy tales, but Brittany isn't complaining.

Crowd Surf Off A Cliff - R/NC-17
Santana Lopez hates school, Lima, and those damn Cheerios--for the most part.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13

I Remember When (We Were Gambling To Win) - NC-17
Santana has no idea how they got here.

Bother - PG-13
Quinn has always known.

Too Much Too Soon (Too Little And Now You're Coming Unglued) - NC-17
Bar sex is sexy. And then kind of fluffy. Whoo, bars!

We Can Make This Last Forever (So Please Don’t Stop The Rain) - R
Mindless rainy day fluffin’.

Firsts - PG-13
Life is full of firsts.

Gladiator - R
Costume party at Finn’s. Quinn wants Rachel. Santana just wants a decent Friday night. Enter Brittany.

Four Times Brittany Inadvertently Breaks Santana (And One Time She Doesn't) - PG-13
Santana's friendship with Brittany has always involved a couple of bruises.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Underneath A Concrete Sky (Lucy Puts Her Hand In Mine) - PG
She says life’s a game we’re meant to lose. Stick by me, and I will stick by you.

Run Away With Me - PG
Quinn is a lot more than that. Rachel doesn’t belong here. It’s time to do something about it.

All This Time I Never Noticed (All You Ever Had Were Hidden Motives) - PG
During the summer between junior and senior year, Rachel Berry finds work at a catering service. Which would be wonderful—if she wasn’t partnered with Cheerios.

What If It Was You (You That I Needed All Along) - PG
She is not gay. Really.

So Let Me Get This Straight (You Say Now You Loved Me All Along) - R
An outtake from the Crowd Surf ‘verse.

All The Gold And The Guns And The Girls (Couldn’t Get You Off) - R
It happens the way it always does.

I Can Almost Believe (That I'm Almost Enough) - PG-13
I spent all of my life empty of anthems, bracing for something that never did come. --Matt Nathanson, “Suspended”

Six Instances When Songs Said It Best - PG-13
Series of short (mostly unrelated) song-ficlets.

The People We Become (Well, They've Never Been The People Who We Are) - R
Quinn hates Rachel Berry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Listen Up Please (I Don't Want To Be Your Hero) - R
"Sometimes, people are born a little different."
[Part 1] | [Part 2] | [Part 3] | [Part 4] | [Part 5] | [Part 6] | [Part 7] | [Part 8] | [Part 9] | [Part 10] | [Part 11] | [Part 12] | [Part 13] | [Part 14] | [Part 15] | [Part 16] | [Part 17] | [Part 18] | [Part 19] | [Part 20] | [Part 21] | [Part 22] | [Part 23] | [Part 24] | [Part 25] | [Part 26] | [Part 27] | [Part 28] | [Part 29]


All You Really Need (Are A Few Good Friends) - PG
It's not exactly a little known fact that Santana hates cats.

You'll Never Get The Best Of Me (...Never Again) - R
Sometimes, it's like a game they play. And lately, Santana's been winning.

On Top - R
Quinn Fabray is back. Santana Lopez is not going down without a fight.

Fade To Black, Commercial Break (This Is Where The Censor Kicks In) - NC-17
Quinn Fabray, queen of repression, sometimes hates her body.

There Are Certain People (You Just Keep Coming Back To) - PG-13
A series of kinda-chronological vignettes.

Another Ditch In The Road (You Keep Moving) - PG-13
Crowd Surf ‘verse, involving little!Santana and Quinn and some of that past so vaguely hinted at.


With Friends Like These - R
In the endless struggle of Lucy vs. Quinn, it seems the former will never lose ground until Quinn learns what beautiful, popular girls are really like.

No Hope, No Love, No Glory (No Happy Ending) - PG
It isn’t about getting along so much as getting it.

If You Need Someone At Your Side, I Am Out There - PG/PG-13
There are three women Santana truly needs in this world.

She's Got A Mind Of Her Own (And She Uses It Well) - R
Carwash Queerio smut.


(It Could Be) Like Breathing - PG
1,668 words of Heya cuddles, written at about 4 in the morning on total accident.

Character Pieces/Misc Ships

Never Understood My (Undeveloped Story) - G
In a way, none of them make sense. Her least of all.

5 Times Mike Chang Accidentally Found Himself A Bro - PG-13
(Mike Chang/various friendships)
Mike isn't really the get-the-girl type, per se.

Do You Remember (Cuz I Remember) - G
(Santana Lopez/Finn Hudson friendship)
Santana Lopez is the scariest girl in the fourth grade. Which, honestly, is sort of why Finn likes her.

I Am Waiting For Something To Go Wrong - PG-13
(Noah Puckerman/Mercedes Jones)
Snapshots from a love that never was.

All We Are Is All We Are - PG-13
(Santana Lopez/the general public)
The story is the same—and so shall be the end.

Teach Me Somethin' Cool - PG-13
(Noah Puckerman/Rachel Berry friendship)
If anyone's qualified to teach Badass 101, it’s Noah Puckerman. Most of the time, anyway.

Five Times The Guys Temporarily Forgot About Girls (And One Time It Stuck) - PG-13
(Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman, Finn Hudson/Kurt Hummel, Finn Hudson/Sam Evans, Noah Puckerman/Sam Evans, Noah Puckerman/Kurt Hummel, Kurt Hummel/Sam Evans)
Six instances in which the boys of Glee are rather gay.

Pull Me Close Like A Lover (But Talk Like A Friend) - PG-13
(Tina Cohen-Chang/Noah Puckerman)
Trying to get through senior year with her sanity intact, Tina never expected to become Noah Puckerman's new best friend.

Family Matters - PG
(Finn Hudson/Jesse St. James)
When Jesse agreed to meet Finn's family, he didn't realize how protective they were of Finn.

(I've) Seen This Trash Can Dream Come True - PG-13
(Kurt Hummel/Rachel Berry friendship)
They’re going to be stars; he can feel it. It’s only a matter of time.

I Dare You To Let Me Be (Your One And Only) - PG-13
(Quinn Fabray/Mike Chang, Rachel Berry/Noah Puckerman, Sam Evans/Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez/Brittany Pierce)
I promise I’m worthy to hold in your arms.

A Little Less Badass (A Little More Nerdy) - PG-13
(Noah Puckerman/Sam Evans/Rachel Berry)
In which Sam reflects on their bizarre trio as they bond over nerd-like things. And sometimes make out a little.

Your Mama Taught You What To Love (But She Never Taught You How) - PG
(Quinn Fabray-centric; lead in to Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry)
There are ten steps to self-rediscovery—and Quinn's got nine of them down.

Put Your Blue Jeans Back On, Girl (Go Home) - PG
(Quinn Fabray-centric)
Rachel thinks she can just tramp right in here and coax her back. Rachel doesn’t get it.

Perfect - PG
(Noah Puckerman-centric; hints at Noah Puckerman/Quinn Fabray, Noah Puckerman/Shelby Corcoran)
Perfect worlds don’t exist.

What Do I Stand For? (Most Nights, I Don’t Know—Anymore) - PG-13
(Santana Lopez-centric; faint Santana Lopez/Brittany Pierce)
Her best friend is fighting for her life, and she is waiting in Rachel Berry’s goddamn living room.

Hideously Compelling - PG
(Santana Lopez/Rachel Berry friendship; Santana Lopez/Brittany Pierce)
Rachel Berry is annoying, and disgusting, and wholly idiotic--and, somewhere along the line, Santana was drafted as her number one advice counselor.

Don't Look Now (Cuz Here We Are: Living The Best Days Of Our Lives) - PG-13
(Sam Evans-centric; Santana Lopez/Brittany Pierce; Tina Cohen-Chang)
What does surprise him is the moment when Santana shifts to look at him and says, plainly and without a shred of uncertainty in her voice, “You wanna come to Chicago?”


With All My Education (I Can't Seem To Command It) - PG
(Myka Bering/H.G. Wells)
It's funny to think about, but Myka is pretty sure H.G. is trying to steal her.

Let's See How Far We've Come - PG
(Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger)
In the aftermath of battle, Ron Weasley contemplates stupidity.

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What a great resource!


Are awesome. Write these all the times? Please? For the love of god, keep writing these.

Oh, well, this is fantastic. I am going to be (pleasantly and voluntarily) stuck here reading ALL of these. I cannot get enough of your writing! ☺

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