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Completely forgot to comment on the last chapter, but I may or may not have been hoping desperately for a new chapter to this all day and flkdjljd you did not disappoint. ♥

This is going to absolutely unveil all my loserish tendencies, but whatever - I was so giddy when I saw the new chapter and I couldn't stop smiling and I've really been trying to read it slow, to, you know, savor it and everything, but I cannot because I just can't stop reading and wondering what's going to happen next.

I love Santana, I love Santana and Quinn, I love Santana-and-Brittany. The whole bit about Quinn rambling to Brittany about Rachel was hilarious and adorable and the last part, the pretty part, was just so wonderful. Also, love the references to canon throughout the fanfic so far - it's possible the wine cooler comment made me giggle a little and the whole thing always keeps me laughing. It's just awesome and funny and, hey, look, more rambling.

I'm already dying for the next chapter, ngl. Basically, you rock.

You have no idea how much I smile when I get reviews of this caliber. Reminds me why I do what I do. Thanks for that. :)

So, I love this.

I also love this line:

“You want me here,” Brittany claims, lifting her chin regally. “You do. No one pushes this hard unless they want to pull instead.”

It's beautiful and simple yet deeply profound.

So, I await the rest eagerly.

I so love you for this fic. Seriously!

Damn I <3 this fic so much. Like, to a crazy extent.
“I have to go,” she mutters helplessly. “I’m drunk, and you’re pretty, and I…”

Blue eyes light up for the first time in long, stunning minutes. “You think I’m pretty?” Brittany asks, wonder painting her voice. Santana feels like smacking herself.

I aww'd, I really did.
Cannot WAIT for the next chapter of awesomeness = ]

I was so happy to see this updated you have NO IDEA.


I love this Brittana dynamic! So very different from all other Brittana fics I've read before! Not started out as childhood friends, but instead as two individual people who hated each other (well, on Santana's part, at least) Ooh... the love/hate chemistry, the running away and denial! I love this kind of love story!

Now, I can't wait to read the other chapters!!

grr, i always want more after reading updates to this fic.

brittany doesn't scare easy or back down, does she? hot. she's already under santana's skin. it's only a matter of time...

santana, santana, santana. oh, i enjoy her. the snark, the attitude, her relationship with quinn and puck, her interaction with brittany; i love everything about her. i'd quote my favorite lines, but there were too many this time. she's so fuckin' awesome.

quinn drunkenly rambling about rachel to brittany was hilarious. actually, everything about quinn at that party was hilarious.

brilliant writing.

amazing chapter. Even when Santana doesn't really want to like Brittany she's protecting her.

Great chapter.

aww quinns so cute!
hope you write more interactions with dorky in love quinn and rachel

and britt rules santana doesnt stand a chance

lol quinn about to go jackie chann on finns ass = Priceless

She can’t see the logic behind it—suspects, in fact, that there is no logic—and shakes her head.

Favorite line, methinks.

I really, really like where you're taking this AU. I can't imagine it's not difficult, or a challenge, of taking such set characters in another direction, but you're doing awesome! I'm so hooked at every chapter. I think what I actually enjoy the most is the pacing. It's well done, especially for a multi-part story.

I'm have such an opposites attract kink and this is essentially hitting all the spots. :) Thanks for being awesome.

Quinn drunken rambling about rachel and totally cramping Santana's style had me cracking up

I love the Brittany/Santana dynamic in this so far and am very excited to read more

Man Quinn is such an emo dork in this lol, Santana needs to share some of her badassness aha

OK...holy shit...wow.

Dude, the tension is crazy...and Brittany is a badass. I mean, I know she doesn't really see Santana as this scray person so she's not a badass in the sense of getting in her space (awesomely hot, by the way) but more so on just calling her out.

Oh, and lets back track to Santana/Quinn/Puck. That was hilarious. Puck is great...I love him and his general persona. Drunk!Quinn is great. When she said "New Hottie" I started laughing so hard. And her rant about Rachel? Genius.

Also, I loved how Santana literally ran away from Brittany before anything could happen. I mean...I'm not happy b/c I want them to make out or whatever, but the way she bolts just gives us another insight into her and makes me wonder what the eff has happened that she can't let this happen. I dunno, I'm invested now.

I love this story so much and I'm so happy for daily(ish) updates and for being excited about something. It's great that stories like this and Bad Things have been put out there to help with the hiatus. Thanks for sharing.

Things I enjoyed about this:

Wench. Drunk, rambling, pirate Quinn. Smart Brittany. Santana. Puck.


This is fantastic. YOU are fantastic.

you made me want to listen to Elliott Smith now xD

you are my favorite Britanna writer and i've read a lot of awesome fics of awesome people but you are just my number 1..

i can't wait to see how Britt is going to win her trust

Your writing is emotionally charged and descriptive. I love this story and can't wait to read the rest. Just thought I'd comment to share my enthusiasm for your brilliance.

“I don’t suppose you’ve got an idea of fun that doesn’t involve beating up a freshman or spray-painting runes into the side of Figgins’ house.” / “You have to admit, that one was good,” Santana recalls wistfully. “I heard him tell Tanaka last week about the coven plotting to turn him into a ferret. Totally brilliant.” - Hahahaha

“We could get wasted, play a little tonsil hockey, give Puckerman a sweet case of blue balls.” / “Oh my God, that was one time,” - Hello... *mentally images*

“The queen was hot.” - Sweet Jesus, yes!

He deflates for a second, then brightens back up, pointing a wooden spoon like a sword. “If I were a pirate, I’d have you walkin’ the scurvy plank, you scrap of whorish mutton!” - LMFAO :D And I love the image of Quinn dueling him with a spatula

“Hands off, Puckerman, or I’ll aim lower.” - Ooh, a glimpse of Protective!Santana

he bounces on the balls of his feet. “What did she say? Did she tell you anything? What does she want?” - Jesus, he's like a horny little puppy

And she is smokin’. Like a bomb. That has gone off already. A sexbomb. Although, truthfully, I don’t think she’s ever had sex.” Hazel eyes widen. “God, I hope she hasn’t had sex. Who would she have sex with? Finn? Fuck, I’m gonna kill that overgrown manchild. I’m gonna scalp the spike right out of his hair.” - Drunk!Quinn is officially hilarious

“Can I think about Rachel?” / “To your disgusting little heart’s content,” Santana drawls. “But if I hear you’ve got your hand down your pants out there, I am cutting it off, got me?” - Hahaha

Her jeans are dark and her halter is purple under a nice jacket. / Brittany steps closer, resting her hip against the table, and runs a hand through her hair. This is the first time, Santana realizes, she’s seen that hair loose, flowing around the girl’s shoulders in thick waves. - I, uh... I'll be in my bunk.

“You are beginning to sincerely damage my calm,” - Jayne! :D

“You’re sweet, Brittany. You’re different. It didn't take me ten seconds to see it. You are the opposite of everything I hate in Sylvester’s minions, and that instills a sort of…obligation to keep you safe. I don’t know why, I don’t really care what the reason is. I just know that you need to back the hell off. For real. For good. I’m serious.” - Love this!

“It’s not your job to protect me,” Brittany says resolutely. / “It’s not your job to save me,” Santana counters. - Love this too

“You want me here,” Brittany claims, lifting her chin regally. “You do. No one pushes this hard unless they want to pull instead.” - And this too. Damn, the whole Brittana conversation in the kitchen was fucking fascinating. I cannot wait to see how things develop between them

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