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and I believe it’s called ‘fan-fiction’.

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Wow this was a good installation and really quick too. Keep up the good work.

I love AU's, and this is one is fantastic. I love the dynamic between Quinn and Santana, and then Santana and Brittany.

And Brittany getting stuck in her shirt was adorable.

I really can't wait for more of this.

She shakes her head, discreetly pinching her own thigh through denim. “Anyway. Might want to be more careful next time. With…shirts…”
Awesome. Just awesome.

I agree with the poster above who called this "delcious". Such a perfect word for this fic. Looking forward to the next bit.

Awesome chapter and im anxious to read more

This fic is win-win for me.
“I’m not, you know,” she hears Brittany call after her. “So nice. Or innocent. Or whatever you’ve got in your head after speaking to me twice.” I love the way you're shaping Brittany's personality and her dinamics with Santana.
Can't wait for the next part!

I'm loving this story. Can't wait for the next part!

THANK YOU for showing that Brittany has a hard side, and that she's not so nice or innocent. I thought I was the only one that noticed that in the show! But you still managed to keep a little bit of sweet Brittany in there too. Can wait to see what happens in Glee Club and how you manage to get Brittany in there...

Great as usual, is awesome that you decided to do a long fic, i always feel that i need more of your writing.

also, <3 you for the Emily Haines song...

This is awesome. Love it!

damn, i love this story. everything about it. it's refreshing; different than any other brittana (+ faberry) story i've come across. i'm giddy over it. i can't wait for more!

Loving the progression of this whole story. Puck made me laugh. And Quinn is such a dork, I enjoy that. I love Santana the most though. <3

Can't wait for more!

I really love your Brittana in this series! Awaiting the next part. :)

This fic is win-win. Uber badass Santana is 7 shades of awesome. And love how Brittany is already under her skin.

Dorky!Quinn is also dorkalicious.

Mas, por favor...

Okay, so I haven't found a fic I adored like this in a really, really long time. Because generally I've found I'm way too picky.

But I really, really love your writing and the way you've written all the characters by making them AU but still keeping quite a few of the pieces that make them who they are in canon? Seriously, perfect. This is such a fun, awesome story - and, as has been mentioned before, the dynamics between characters you've set up is incredible: Santana and Quinn snarking at each other is just perfect, because snarky bff banter ftmfw. And then Santana and Brittany - I can't wait for more of that, they're lovely. And then, god, I love Quinn and her Rachel stalking, she's adorable.

I love that you're still going to have them in Glee but with a different ~approach - it's going to be so much fun, seriously. I'm way too excited. By the way, this fic has made me laugh out loud more times than I would ever expect from a fic - the way you've taken canon into this AU world and just made it awesome, omg.

LOTS OF RAMBLING, I REALIZE. I'm sort of just doing a general review because I just read through these three parts and am already dying for more. So I'd quote things, but I think I might end up quoting all of it. Maybe next time, when I've just read one chapter. SERIOUSLY, I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT HURTS. YOU'RE SO AMAZING. ♥♥

“You don’t know me either,” the girl says with aching calm.

hyyaaaa!! the anticipation of reading more is killing me!! the mystery surrounding Brittany is <3 and I love how Santana is trying to protect Brittany from herself. Kinda.

AWESOME! Love your fics, but this one is my favourite one so far.

Very intriguing series so far. Also, thinks for giving Brittney her say. It boggles my mind that nearly every (Glee)fic I've read portrays her as this uber nice, sweet but dim girl. Yes, she is canonically not the brightest crayon in the box, but she is also canonically quite mean and verbally cutting. Example: "You look like crap, I look awesome." She was really nice (to Becky) in ONE ep and somehow it became THE Brittney. Now, not saying she's *always* like that, but fandom takes it over the top in most stories. I like the layers and three dimensions you are providing.

Oh man...this is what I was waiting for.

OK, love the Santana/Puck dynamic. Let's just get that out of the way so I can talk about what's really important:

Brittany getting stuck putting on a shirt and ABS.

This was brilliant. I'm really happy with Brittany and her general oblivious yet tuned in kind of state where she totally sees right through not only Santana but even the Cheerios and everyone else at the school. Also, how she calls out Santana's bullshit...I just really, really love this story, a lot. Thanks again.

the girl has the best body she has ever seen outside of televised beach volleyball matches - That is so true

“Pretty sure that’s what God intended when the shirt came into being,” - Hehehe

a hearty mixture of adorable behavior and the sexiest abs - It's a ridiculously lethal combination

Love the bit where Brittany orchestrates their handshake

“Now we’re friends,” / “We’re what?” - Hahaha

She isn’t quick enough to miss the way the girl’s legs go on for miles (maybe Quinn’s on to something with that whole leg fetish after all) - Absolutely

“Listen, you seem like a nice girl.” / Unexpectedly, Brittany bristles a little around the edges. “Do I.” / “Yes,” Santana says firmly. “Very nice. Too nice for Sylvester and her militia of cheer-bitches, and way, way too nice to be loitering around someone like me.” / Blue eyes flame high and strong. “I think I can judge for myself, thanks,” the blonde replies icily - Hrrmm... that's intersting...

“You’re lonely,” Brittany observes stubbornly. Santana smiles wanly. / “I am,” she agrees, softer than intended. - Love this exchange, and Santana's whole paragraph before it

what she feels is that this girl, this lovely little angel of a thing, deserves much better than a bitter, aggressive bitch who cares about all of three people in this world - Awww *meep* That's so sweet.

this is more important than proving to Fabray she can get into the pants of just about anyone. / (Which she can. For the record. - Heh ;)

But you seem to be forgetting something.” / Santana glances back, hand on the door. Brittany’s eyes are hard, her mouth determined. / “You don’t know me either,” the girl says with aching calm. - Ooooh... Like I said, intersting.

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