There’s a time and place for everything

and I believe it’s called ‘fan-fiction’.

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Taking this as canon, right now. Beautiful.

Thank goodness for you and your fix-its. Seriously. Thank you. Sometimes you just need that harsh yank back to realism in a fic and forget about the crazy, happy-clappy world of glee.

This gave me all sorts of feels. I have no doubt that Santana is NOT going to give up on Brittany. She won't do that. Not after the journey that she took to get to where she is, she wouldn't throw everything she worked for away. Brittany is way too important.

Brilliant... Thank you for actually writing this...
It's been bugging me because NO ONE has even brought a GED or summer school or anything like that.

This was so beautifully written, and so true to their relationship. Thank you for sharing it!

Oh, this fic is exactly what I needed after feeling like hell all day. Stupid Glee!

I especially liked that you mentioned all the people who failed Brittany. Teachers, parents, counselors, not to mention the Glee writing staff.

Anyway, thank you for writing this. You should be proud to have pulled something great from the finale.

Oh my god. This was beautiful and heartbreaking.

This is beautifully written, with deep, genuine emotion and hope - everything that Glee's wrap up of the season was not.

I'm now off to see if I can find other fics written by yours truly, because this one was an absolute pleasure to read!

Wow... this makes me feel so much better now after watching that cliffhanger of Brittana in the finale. This put stuff in perspective. I never would have thought that maybe the reasoning Santana never knew was because Brittany didn't know how to tell her smart girlfriend that she was failing everything. It makes a lot of sense.

I also love that you made Santana so determined to convince Brittany she wasn't stupid or dumb. I love that you pretty much captured the essence of Santana and her love for Brittany because in this time, that is definitely what Brittany needs. ♥

Just awesome.

So...I'm in tears.
This was perfect. I'm taking this as canon right now.
How can they...why did they...ergh!
It's one thing to fail her, but it's another thing to do what they did and just brush it under the rug. Why didn't we get a scene like this? After all that stuff with Puck, they didn't even have the decency to...
Just, fuck Glee. I swear.

Especially when you threw in the fruit roll-up.

That part really got to me.

Thank you. I loved this.

This is what happened and nothing will make me believe otherwise

I loved this. It bothered me that Brittany and Santana's relationship was left so unresolved in the season finale, so I'm adopting this story as my head canon. It's gorgeous - you have a wonderful grasp of Santana's voice and her emotions.

That was so.. I don’t even know! It’s not just the fantastic detail you put into "it". But the emotion behind it all.... *sigh*
Thank you so much for this treat, novel-concept26

Thank you times a million for this I have like so many others decided that this is canon glee left me so sad and depressed but this story has for sure made up for the crap that was the season finale

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