There’s a time and place for everything

and I believe it’s called ‘fan-fiction’.

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This continues to be so so so awesome.

I like how it's still basically them, but just placed in this different setting. Your voices have always been so spot on.

The descriptions were perfectly placed. It just fucking fits.

So good, man.

I absolutely adored this. Also, I want all those side couples to happen hardcore.

this was wonderful and glorious! are you planning on continuing? I'm sure it would be amazing, but this is still damn near perfect as a stand-alone.

I love this! I'm not usually a fan of AU's but this was so good! I love your Brittana fics, so write more okay?

omg, so good. Love your fics!

Will there be a sequel? It's nice as a one shot though. I just want more fics from AU College!verse. :Db

♥ ♥

I am such a sucker for AU college Brittana. You are my favourite forever and such a compliment means I can make demands. These demands include a sequel, and another sequel and another until they're married or have kids or something else sickeningly domestic.

Sarky fluff, you write it perfectly.

I don't even know why I love college AUs so much, but I do. Fact of life. I also think that this is one of the best college AUs I've ever read for Brittana. That's another fact of life.

So so awesome! I usually stick to canon, but I absolutely loved this. Like, a lot. You got all the voices right, especially Santana and Brittany. Sweet, and sexy and cute and just plain good. Thank you!

This is truly awesome from first to last.

Awesome! I love how Brittany snuck past Santana's walls!

Waiting for more! :)

Oh wow this is so much win. 100000 points for you.

I'm completely in love with all your Brittany/Santana fics.

A sequel would be a beautiful end to this equally beautiful one shot.

Thanks for sharing.

I love everything that this chooses to be.

Such good stuff! I'm a big fan!

Love the way you describe Quinn. Has me sitting here with a big grin on my face. And Brittany and Santana's reationship is altogether adorable.

Good stories make me happy. =)

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Gahhhh that was adorable and beyond awesome. More? Sequel? Please?

This was fantastic, brilliant, amazing. I love everything about it.

So this was awesomely fluffy. It's not new news that I'm a huge fan of any and all of your words but this was a nice break from the angst fest the fandom has been experiencing.

Awesome job :)

Gosh this is everything good in the world right now. I don't have anymore words for how awesome this is and and...just thank you for posting this. THANK YOU!

Wow, what an amazing AU story. Your characters still managed to fit in with the canon verse. Love your fics and can't wait for more!

This was brilliant :)

Really enjoyed reading this & loved your Brittany & Santana.

Thanks for sharing :)

You write beautifully. I love all your works. Keep writing. :))

This is a win. A triple win, with Brittana, Pucklebrry and Fabang! [Im sorry I have a huge soft spot for Fabang]
The building of the Brittana relationship is so good and sweet; and like always is Brittany the mastermind behind the whole plot =P
Keep writing!

bahahaha this is fantastic! you have to write a sequel... or something :]

This was incredibly pleasant. Exactly what I needed to balance out all the angst of the actual show.

Well written and solid characterisations. Basically just pure entertainment. Nice. Very.

This is perfect.
It's so well written that hurts, the characters are perfectly IC and I can't even begin with telling you how happy inside reading this story made me. Never stop writing, please

This is absolutely perfect. Any chance of continuing it?

If there is a God, there will be a sequel.
(My faith is in your hands).


Okay not REALLY but this is absolutely my new favourite Brittana fic, AU or not! :D

Please please please continue!

This story is Pure Win, you did an awesome job capturing the personality traits of the characters in your fic. I love, love your Brittana.

So I'm a bit late to the party and I just read this today, but I figured it's never too late for positive feedback, right? I love love love this fic. And this part-
Oh, fuck me. It’s a midget.
made me laugh so hard that I almost choked and died, and I learned a valuable lesson about eating lunch and reading fanfiction simultaneously. Thank you :)

This was wonderful on so many different levels. Thank you for writing and sharing this. -I must´ve read it about six times by not XD

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